DANG IT! is a one man show run by kontext. based in vienna, kontext was deep into drumandbass/breakz back in the days and together with his friends from rasselbande he hosted a well known radio show  for a couple of years, presenting new comers and bed room djs from all over austria. playing along a couple of national and international djs like lars moston, stereo 8, cattivo, kalkbrenner, rogue element, weisz & schrenk... he was also in the party biz. men get older, beats get slower... that being said, he became more interested in doing his own tracks. so DANG IT! was founded and the result is a couple of sounds, mostly techno, techhouse and that kind of stuff. it´s without method and without any interest in marketing; a spare time filler so to say. that´s why most songs are available for free.   BECAUSE DANG IT!, THAT´S WHY.

interested in more (collaboration)?
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it´s simple. when DJing just a few things are important to kontext (or DANG IT!, call it what you want): a smooth, deep sound, with a jazzy touch, always floating, always danceable. there won´t be many hits, but there will be a lot of groove. varies from techno a la umek, to deeper stuff and tech house.

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